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Bondi Beach Dental runs under the supervision of Dr. Haddon Suttner (BDent), who is a well known Sydney Dentist.

We provide you with the best dental services. We strive to maintain our quality at high level, and cost at an optimum level. We provide you with a number of quality services like:

Preventive Dentistry

Emergency Dentist

Implants and Oral Surgery

Tooth Whitening

Cosmetic Dentistry

Painless and Gentle Dentistry techniques

Dentistry for Children

Excellent Sydney Dentist with Great Services

Bondi Beach Dental provides a wide range of dental services to individuals, families, company employees or other social groups. We are excellent dentist as we provide our esteemed clients with affordable and cost effective dental plans. Our services are high quality, with no match in the town. We provide the best dentistry services to make our clients smiling.

37+ Years Community Services

This location has been a dental practice for over 37 years. Opened by a famous Sydney Dentist, Dr. Brian Mooy, it has been a family practice focusing primarily on the prevention of dental problems, emergency dentist, serving and being part of the Bondi Beach community.

Dr. Suttner was hand chosen as Dr. Mooy's replacement because of the identical nature of their treatment philosophy, the high quality of his dental skills, and commitment to further education in all manners of modern dentistry.

Dr. Haddon Suttner holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Psychology, with an Honours in Psychology from the Univeristy of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Dentistry from the Univerisity of Sydney. His wife, Cara, is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women.

A caring, reliable and gentle dentist practice, providing dental services at this location for last about 4 decades. Our emergency dentist service is fast and friendly. It helps you get rid of your dental emergency quickly and conveniently. Our dental implant and tooth whitening services are also matchless. You will find us a distinct Sydney dentist team with excellent services.

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If you have any questions or comments about our office, staff, procedures, directions or need any other dental information please feel free to contact us. We are available 24 hours, even open on Sunday. Our 24 hours services helps you in case of any dental emergency.

Call us Today on 02 9365 6197 to find out more

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